Flower Show Photos

I went to the Maymont Home and Garden Show today (and ended up meeting a photographer who I'd seen at wedding shows but had never spoken to...I just can't get away from networking, can I?)

So my plan was to take photos of flowers, which always come in handy when you're making them from gumpaste. Here are some of the photos for your viewing pleasure:

I was especially glad to see the hydrangeas, since they're all over cakes these days, but they're done so differently by everyone you tend to forget what the real ones look like. I was also looking at tulip centers, because they give me fits. The cherry blossoms were also pretty, and the stamens on those were good to see up close and personal. And as usual, the hyacinths smelled really good. I'm looking forward to the ones in my garden coming up now, if this winter ever ends...

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