Making Stamens For Gumpaste Flowers Part 2

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On Friday I showed how to make some stamens with thread. that method is good for use with small flowers that have a lot of little feathery stamens in the center.
Another type of stamens is good for flowers like tulips, daylilies and some peony-type flowers. These are longer and have a little tip that has the pollen on it. When florists use dayliles they often remove the end of the stamens, because the pollen will get all over everything.

To make these, you can use either yellow or brown dusting powder. You'll need some 32 gauge wire, water or gum glue, Wilton gumtex (this is the only thing I've ever found that this is good for), and the color. Use the round end of a churchkey can opener to open the little powder containers unless you enjoy breaking you fingernails off.

First, cut the wires to about 3" or 4" long, then bend the tip back to be about the length of the area on the stamen that has pollen on it. Some wires might need to have the wire then curved like a little "L" to mimic the shape of the stamen, like daylilies have.

After that, dip the end of the wire in the water or gum glue, then dip it into the gumtex.

Next, dip it BACK in the water/gum glue, then into the color powder.

Stick the wire into a styrofoam block to dry, or put them on a waxed-paper covered cookie sheet. They shouldn't be touching while they dry or they could stick together.

You can also use confectioner's glaze, dip the wires, then dip it directly into the color, but this tends to gum up the color pretty quickly.

Let the wires dry, and shake the stamens gently to release any loose powder. You can see the amount of dust on my hand that came off of these stamens. Some of it will release, but most of it will stay on the wires.

You can use these in bunches for open peonies, or in groups of 6 for tulips and daylilies. Or you could wire a bunch together and call it ragweed if someone is looking for an allergy cake.

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