Pinchy Squinchy

These are some simple pinch flowers (some called them "pulled flowers" but the word "pinch" is so much better.)

They're all made pretty much the same way, so you can shape the petals as you need them.

Start with a cone of gumpaste and press a small indent into the center with a rounded dowel or the end of a paintbrush.

Cut four (or five) sections about 1/4" long with a pair of scissors.

Put a hooked wire into the center and press the gumpaste around it to secure the wire.

Pinch the sections to flatten them out a little.

Shape the petals by cupping them between your forefinger and thumb...

...or by leaving them more convex and rounded...

...or, if you use five petals, make them pointy to do a stephanotis... adding a pearl stamen center.

These are quick and easy once you get the hang of them. Use individually or wire them together in bunches.

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