Rude Heart Messages Can Be Fun

My husband used to have a roommate whose family would make Christmas cookies with rude sayings on them. When a family member would arrive, they'd say "There's a cookie there with your name on it," and the person would see that the cookie said "jerk" (or worse.)

Now, some would say that you have to have a pretty warped sense of humor to think that's funny, but we thought it was hilarious. So when my son was a baby and I was bored at home, I took to the candy hearts that we had bought for Valentine's Day with the same intention.

Just wipe them with a damp paper towel, and write the sayings on with a sharpie. You're not going to eat them anyway, you'll want to treasure these forever. It doesn't matter what kind of heart you use, they all seem to work, but leave enough time for them to dry before you write on them.

This has now become a tradition between my husband and myself. We basically try to see who can come up with the most creative phrase for the hearts. This year my kids are old enough to understand the concept, so we let them in on it. I think that one of them came up with "restraining order," actually. Ah, family fun.

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