The Cost Of Stamens And Other Gumpaste Secrets

Stamens for gumpaste at a discount!
I was snooping around the internet recently being horrified at the price for flower stamens, when I discovered that there's a pretty good market on Amazon and Ebay for them. Even with the shipping costs added in, they're substantially cheaper when you buy them on either of those two sites.

I bought the huge lot of about 200 bunches of various stamens pictured above from Ebay for $20. Yes, $20 including the shipping. Feel free to be jealous now.

Something else that I had never thought about, was that stamens for millinery are the same as stamens for gumpaste flower making. There are a lot of sites that sell fabrics and notions for the fabric arts that offer things that would be good for cake decorating. (Obviously, don't stick the stamens directly into the cake, duh.)

Check out and click on their online shopping link. In the Tools and Accessories section go to floral accesories, then "centers." Their stamens are the same as the ones that you'd buy online from other sources, and the prices are similar, but the shapes are more interesting.

You can also do a search for millinery supplies for making silk flowers to find some interesting-looking vintage stamens, if you have a large one-off flower that needs to be unusual and dramatic.

Do you have strange sources for decorating supplies? Share them in the comments section, unless you want to keep them secret!

 Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC in Richmond VA, and cake supplies online at and

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