Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Surprise Birthday Cake

I got an email from a client who was looking for a 3-D cake for her husband's birthday. He's a building block fanatic, apparently, so she wanted a Han Solo with a goatee to make it look like him.

I emailed back and asked where it would need to be delivered to, and she said that she lived off of Old Coach Lane, and did I know where that was? Considering I live on Old Coach Lane I told her yes, I thought that would be pretty easy to find.

So it turned out that she lives up at the top of my street, and it also turned out that her husband drives the school bus that my kids used to ride. So for the last two weeks, whenever I happen to pass the bus I've been slowing down and trying to see what his goatee looks like so that I could get it right. He probably thought I was just a pest who was blocking his way, but there was a method to my madness.

I delivered the cake this afternoon, and I hope that he liked it. He wasn't around because he was, to quote his family, "out back in his Lego shack." And yes, I asked, and yes, he really does have his own Lego shack.

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M. said...

Great Cake - excellant *goaty*

Lolll - when you were slowing down to see his goaty he might of thought you were stalking him.
That did make me laugh.

The things we do to get the perfect cake...
Well done Kara.

Maxine :) :)

Kara said...

My daughter also thought that he would think I was a stalker...I just thought that he'd be annoyed that someone was slowing down when he was trying to pull into traffic, so it delayed him every time I passed him.

BellaLovesPink said...

So stinkin cute! LOVE IT!

Anna said...

OOOH! I LOVE THIS!!!! I think I will try to make a Darth Vader one for my soon to be 4 year ols. He is obsessed with Legos and Star Wars, and dart is easily recognizable...