Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Very Big Cake

This cake was for a bride who had her priorities in the right place...She cared about the cake most of all!!

Not that everything else wasn't important, but when she came to me to consult about her cake she made it very clear that she was putting a priority on the cake, and even though the design that she wanted would serve far more guests than she was having she wasn't concerned about that.

We worked it out so that the cake was a combination of real and styrofoam tiers so that she wouldn't be stuck with TOO much extra cake, and then I started working on the flowers.

I was going to count how many flowers went onto the cake, but I totally forgot to. Halfway through the setup, which took over an hour and a half, the bride arrived to get ready for the ceremony. She walked into the room to look at the cake, and started to cry.

In a good way, thank God.

In the melee that followed, as the photographers and friends snapped pictures of her reaction, I remembered that this is why we do this.

A lot of the time we deliver the cake and leave, and we never hear from the couple again. I know that the work that we do makes someone's wedding day happier, but to get a reaction like that was really great.

Congratulations, Lisa, and I hope everything went well this evening.

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Wendy Coffey said...

YAY for properly placed priorities. That cake is absolutely AMAZING! Love it Kara!

Kara said...

Thanks, Wendy... I'm estimating that there were 30 peonies, 2 tulips (I only had two!), 65 roses, 10 lilac clusters, 150 hydrangea, 6 lily of the valley, 120 white filler flowers and about 60 leaves on the cake.

Pam said...

I'm awestruck, the cake is absolutely gorgeous! It really is fantastic when I the bride understands and appreciates the artistry that goes into creating a work of art. Fabulous job!

Zoraya said...

Gorgeous job Kara!!! It looks amazing and your flowers are beautiful!!

Lisa said...

Hi Kara!

As the most fortunate bride who had the distinct privilege (and really didn't want to do so) of cutting this beautiful cake, you and your beautiful cake made my day (well, along with other things on my wedding day). You completely got my vision and executed it beautifully, I could see your heart and soul in each and every flower and the artistry in the design. I kept asking all of my guests, "did you se my cake?", that became the catch phrase of the evening. Also, Kevin was so delighted with is cake, as were his buddies from KC -- ALL of the cake was absolutely delicious! The first thing I had to eat today was a small piece of the carrot cake!

I am actually sitting here now tearing up typing this, Kara, you are absolutely the very best! So many of our guests kept telling me that it looked like one of those "cakes on tv".

I can't wait for our wedding pictures and to display all of your beautiful sugar art, we will certainly truly enjoy displaying and showing off your beautiful work for a ling time.

All the best and thank you so much for making the cakes of our dreams!


Lisa & Kevin Parks

Kara said...

I'm so glad that you liked it, Lisa, I loved making it for you! Congratulations!

Jennywenny said...

Aw, happy customers are the best! So nice to see your work appreciated.

That cake scares me a little just looking at it, its soo tall! I'm petrified of not stacking things straight, but I'll just have to practice and get over it!

Jamie said...

That is the nicest thank you I think I have ever read. And well deserved, LOOK at that cake!!! Bravo!

Jenniffer said...

Whoa! Now that's MY kind of cake! I love it!!

Sarah said...

That is beautiful!