Boards On Carved Cakes

When I do a carved cake I figure out beforehand where the boards will be, because they often help determine where the carving is going to be.

For the 3-D birthday cake I did recently I used a board to both support the arms on the figure and to help gauge where I needed to taper the cake.

Bottom section with the top board to use as a marker
The bottom of the figure was a square that I needed to carve down to a smaller square at the top. The top section also had the figure's arm on it, and I was planning on carving those out of the solid block of cake.

I did the bottom section, and put the board for the top section on top of it to use as a guide. The edge of the board showed me where I needed to taper the bottom block to. I carved the bottom to match the width of the top board.

Top section after carving
After doing that, I put the top section on the board and carved it down so that the arms sat on the board where the little rounds stuck out. When I stacked the tiers the arms would stick out slightly over the sides of the bottom section.

I covered each section separately in fondant then stacked them. The head was Rice Krispie treats since it had to sit on a skinny neck, and I could make it in one solid piece that way.

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