First Visit To The Zoo In Ninety Years

This has absolutely nothing to do with cakes, but my Mother-In-Law just turned ninety last week. In the course of some random conversation she told me that she had never been to a zoo before.

This totally freaked me out, because I've always taken my kids to zoos anytime there's a good one nearby so that they get a good appreciation of animals. There's nothing worse than a bad zoo, but the good ones with good habitats are well worth going to so that you can see the animals up close.

So before it got too hot this year, we trotted her off to the zoo. Here she is looking at one of the Bengal Tigers, who spent a lot of time licking the window, so she got a good look at it. There were a lot of baby animals this time of year, so there was plenty of "cute" going on, too.

If you have an older person in your life, ask then if there's something they've never done that they'd like to do. Not to be too goody-two-shoes about it, but it was fun to take her and she enjoyed herself. It was well worth the trip.

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