Friday, May 13, 2011

How Do You Get That Chocolate Blue?

First food color
I was making some chocolate clay to use for the band at the base of a cake, and it needed to be a navy blue color. Dark colors in chocolate can be problematic because you have to use a lot of food coloring to get the right color. Too much liquid color can make the chocolate act funky.

After Crystal Colors were added

I started with melted white chocolate and added oil-based blue food color to get it to a medium blue color. I then used a pot of dark blue Crystal Colors, which is a powdered color so it won't make the chocolate do anything weird if you use a lot of it.

I ended up using an entire pot of the Navy blue, then I added more oil-based candy color until I got it pretty dark.

Something else to keep in mind is that darker colors tend to get a little darker when they sit for a while, so you don't want to go too far or you'll end up with a deeper shade than you want. Add the corn syrup to it, let it set up...

And here's the final result...

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Red30 said...

The cake is gorgeous!! And the tips are great, thanks for sharing!!

Maxine said...

Oh Kara that is just gorgeous... actually its devine.
So chic.
Hmmm, so after colouring the chocolate - you then spread it out with a spatular on your bench top - allowed to air dry and then cut as tho using fondant - yes?
Pfftttt, however you did it - its gorgeous.

Lolll - didn't i just say that - *blush*
Can you tell i like it - lollll


Kara said...

Maxine, I made chocolate clay with the chocolate after I colored it. Unfortunately, you have to use corn syrup to make chocolate clay, which I hear is very expensive where you are.

I imagine that you could use glucose to make chocolate clay...I don't know if that's more available in Australia???

Maxine said...

Morning Kara,
I can get Corn Syrup - as the Heatlth Food Shops stock it - and some supermarkets.
Glucose is readily available in our supermarkets -
I us ethe Glucose when making my Marshmallows - and it works a treat.

I shall toddle off to the HFS and grab some Corn Syrup.

Thank you Kara...and again the cake is just gorgeous.

M x

Anonymous said...

that looks awesome and i bet tastes great! thanks for the tips :D
cindy/cindy's cakery

SweetThingsTO said...

oh I just love that blue - it is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Six Bittersweets said...

Thank you for this! I tried to use candy colors only to achieve a similar color recently and my clay was an oily mess! Totally unusable =(. Crystal Colors sounds like it's really good. Is that just a brand of powdered food coloring or is it more of a petal dust? I couldn't find many details on the site. Thanks!

Kara Buntin said...

Six Bittersweets, It's a food-coloring grade petal dust, if tht makes sense. I think that it's technically meant to be a petal dust, but the colors are FDA approved for food use, which a lot of petal dusts aren't. The colors are very saturated, so you don't need to use as much as you would with other types of petal dusts. I love them, the colors they give you when you use them as dusts are very deep and rich.