How Snoring Relates To Business

My husband is a snorer, and he does it with enthusiasm. I am an insomniac, and I probably get about half as much sleep as I should because of the noise.

Many is the night where I finally punch him in the back and tell him to roll over. All it takes is for him to change positions and the snoring stops for a while.

Since I spend so much time awake, I had plenty of time to consider this around 3am the other night. I was thinking that changing your position can be beneficial in many ways, not just to keep your wife from inflicting bodily harm to you while you sleep. Trying new things can help your business in many ways.

Let’s say that you are a gossiper who enjoys talking about other wedding professionals. It might be fun to feel like you’re the one who’s “in the know” all the time, but chances are the people you’re gossiping to don’t really trust you. Changing your position on opening your big mouth will make other people consider you to be more trustworthy.

Let’s say that you refuse to try social media. That’s your prerogative, but it really won’t hurt to look into getting a facebook account. Changing your position on that can open you up to finding new clients online, or just to meeting more wedding business owners. Heck, it's free advertising, why not use it?

Let’s say that you think it’s okay to complain about things but never volunteer to try to improve them. Changing your position and volunteering to help solve a problem, (or even letting someone who can change things know that there IS a problem) would probably give you a different perspective on the situation, and it might also make people think that you’re less of a whiner. (Because if all you do is complain but never volunteer a solution, then people probably do think you’re a whiner.)

So keep yourself open to taking a different path. It can be a good way to improve your business, and probably yourself in the process.

 Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC in Richmond VA, and cake supplies online at and