Friday, May 27, 2011

Using Real Crystals On Cakes

I've seen real Swarovski crystals being used on cakes a lot recently, and I always wonder how many people end up eating one.

You can get around this by using sugar gems, but they don't have the same shine to them that real ones do.

On this cake, the bride had twenty blue crystals that she wanted to incorporate into the cake design. I decided to put them on 20 blue flowers that were made from fondant for two reasons.

First, the crystals were blue and matched the flowers, so that was an obvious match. The flowers were also the only part of the design that wasn't buttercream, so it would be easy for the person who cut the cake to find them.

I also left the package that they originally came in, which was clearly marked "20 blue crystals." If there was any question about how many they needed to find, that would answer the question.

If you use real crystals on a cake, make sure that the person who cuts it will be able to easily identify where they are, and how many they need to remove before serving the cake. Leaving written instructions is always helpful, but make sure that you find the person who will actually be cutting the cake and talk to them directly to answer any questions they might have.

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3 comments: said...

Very smart putting them on the fondant flower!

Audric Montuno said...

Did the crystals come with a backing of any sorts, or were they just plain crystal? I know that real Swarovski jewelry often uses a proprietary glue for mounting crystals (when not by metal brackets) so that the crystals don't lose any of their sparkle. If there wasn't any sort of reflective backing, did you find that the crystals became duller when adhering them to the cake?

Kara said...

They didn't come with anything other than the little packet they were in...I don't think that there was any huge difference in the shine, but realistically, crystlas rely on movement to realyl glimmer. If they're just on a stationary object like a cake, they won't sparkle much unless there are moving lights that reflect off of them.