The Duck and A Scrabble Cake

Not the duck with a scrabble cake, one at a time on their own...

The ducks that I wrote about are still showing up, which is the longest that they've been coming to our yard in all the years they've been coming. We think they have a nest nearby, and the female shows up every night to have dinner. It's gotten to the point where she sits next to the bird feeder and waits for us to give her more food, and she'll eat out of the cup if you let her.

Okay, now on to the cake. This was a wedding cake for a couple who love to play scrabble. Based on how it goes when my husband and I play, I made sure that the scores were tied on the scorecard that I put on the cake. I don't want to be the one to start an argument at a couple's wedding reception.

The cake was covered in fondant, then I applied all the tiles individually, then put the white lines on. It wasn't as straight as I'd have liked, but I couldn't think of a better way to do it, especially because I had to put the words on and you can't really plan ahead for that.

One thing that I forgot was that all the words would have to connect, so that was a bit of a challenge. I got ALMOST all of the ones that they gave me onto the cake, but there were a couple of longer phrases that I just couldn't make fit. I also put some extra tiles in the bag on top of the cake to give the back of the topper a little visual interest.

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