Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Photo Of A Bride With Her Cake

I don't know what was going on this weekend, but there were a lot of brides hanging around when I was delivering cakes.

I usually set up and don't see anyone in the wedding party because the receptions and the ceremonies are in different places. If they're in the same place, the bride is generally getting ready when I'm there, so she's busy.

The bride who bought this cake was already made up and had her veil on, and was thrilled with the callas on her cake. She asked how I made the veining on them, and when I told her it was a silicone mold she said that I should tell people that I did them one by one with a toothpick! Maybe someone still enjoys doing it that way, but I don't!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Keith, and I'm glad that you liked your cake!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful cake kara! of course the bride looks very happy :D
cindy/cindy's cakery

Jennica said...

Two layers of my wedding cake was made of styrofoam, and the top layer was real. No one knew, and it saved money.

Anonymous said...

That can save a little money, but it's usually offset by the cost of the substitute cake tht you have to buy to feed your guests. Or did they not get any cake??