Another Reason Why I Prefer Sugar Flowers To Real Ones

I like to use sugar flowers on cakes, not fresh ones.

I've heard that some bakers who want to churn out lots of cakes per week push the idea of fresh flowers on their clients because it's less work for them. One was quoted in a cake magazine saying that even if a bride came in with her heart set on sugar flowers, he could talk her out of them and have her order fresh flowers after he was through. And that it was better for his bottom line, which is why he did it.

Call me crazy, but I personally prefer that the flowers on a cake be edible. I probably don't charge enough for the flowers that I make either, because I'm willing to forgo some profit in order to keep everything edible on my cakes.

Another reason is that if I'm making the flowers, I know they'll be there. I recently had a cake that was supposed to have purple orchids on it. I don't know what happened, but there were no flowers there when I delivered the cake.

(I happened to speak to the coordinator later, and she said that she suspected that the bride had just forgotten to order them because she hadn't heard anything about cake flowers.Who knows...)
I went to deliver the rest of the cakes for the day which luckily were at locations that were close by, then I came back. Still no flowers, so I punted.

Instead of leaving the cake naked and wrong-looking, I used some extra hydrangeas that I luckily (very luckily) happened to have left over from another delivery that day. The color was the right color, and the centerpieces were hydrangeas, so having sugar hydrangeas on the cake wouldn't look out of place.

It worked out this time...My other option would have been to go find a grocery store with a flower department and buy some purple orchids, but you can't leave a naked cake naked if it wasn't meant to be naked.

Next time I won't assume that the flowers will be there and I'll add that to my list of things to triple-check!

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