Pyramid Birthday Cake

Meghan from OFD Consulting has some weird taste in cakes, which is right up my alley. Over the time that I've known her I've made her a Death Star groom's cake, LOST cookies, and the fabulous LOST cake.

This year she needed a birthday cake for four people, so I suggested a pyramid with each side showing one person's interests.

This was a pina colada cake, so the outside icing is a pineapple meringue. I started with a two-layer 7" square on top of a two-layer 8" square and just cut it down, then put the part from the top onto the bottom to finish the pyramid shape.

Each side represented one of the people who were having birthdays. One of the birthday girls likes monkeys, and I told Meghan that I was going to let my daughter make a monkey for the cake because she likes making little animals out of clay. After working with the fondant she produced a cute little monkey, but she also has decided that she doesn't want to be a cake decorator because it's too hard.

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