You Should Want To Eat The Cake, Not Just Look At It.

I love a good wedding cake design as much as any decorator. But come on, when you do a cake like this one, it reminds you that sometimes you should just look at a cake and want to stick a finger into the icing.

This one was iced in vanilla buttercream and had chocolate ganache poured onto the tiers. I sugared some fruit using large sanding sugar so that it had a glittery look. I have to say that it looked delicious.

The flavors inside were chocolate fudge with strawberry meringue buttercream, and orange with Grand Marnier meringue.

I was lucky enough to see the bride (who wasn't dressed for the wedding yet, obviously) while I was finishing the delivery, so I borrowed her for a photo. Thanks for being a good sport and posing, Jessicka!

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