A Pretty Wedding Cake

Sometimes I open my refrigerator and see the cake inside and think "Oh, that's pretty!"

When I saw the pictures of this cake that's exactly what I thought, but at the time I was setting it up I was just worried about the topper.

For some reason I was thinking that the bride was going to be leaving a monogram topper at the reception site for me, but the site coordinator brought me an arrangement of fresh roses instead. Not only was it not what I was expecting, but it was in a white cup that had a piece of oasis and a bunch of water in it.

The cup looked like it was a plastic cup that had been cut off to hold the oasis, and if I put it on top of the cake it would have been totally visible. I mean, two inches of cheap white plastic sitting on top of the cake and not hidden by any greenery visible.

So not only was I surprised by being faced with fresh flowers, which we all know how much I love, I was also faced with an arrangement that I wouldn't put on the cake because it would just look stupid.

So I did what any self-respecting person would do, and I took the arrangement apart. Apologies to the florist, but seriously, floral arrangements in little containers rarely look well-proportioned when they're placed on top of cakes.

I had some extra roses when I was done with the top tier, so I put the extra petals around the base of the cake. And the problem was solved.

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