ICES 2011 Part 1--People I Liked (And Didn't)

I'm back from the ICES convention, where I didn't really go to convene, just to shop. But I got an eyeful of some "famous" cake people while I was there, haha!

Some of these shall remain nameless because they seem like they'd be litigious.

Just joking, I'm not going to write about them. Let's just say that there's someone who I'm less impressed with now, and I was actually impressed with them before meeting them in person. I don't get impressed with many people to begin with, so to see someone who comes off as all nicey nice when the cameras are on them be a rude jerk when they think nobody's looking is enlightening. And no, I won't say who it was.

There were also the amusing moments of seeing people I wasn't impressed with doing things that pretty much confirmed my opinions. Those were actually just funny.

One person who I like on tv who was actually very nice in person was James Roselle, who gamely agreed to let me pose for a picture with him. He's my daughter's favorite on the cake competitions, so I told him that taking a photo with him would make her jealous. Little did I know that she would have a fit when she saw that I'd met him. She wanted to go back to the convention and stalk him, but I told her that he was probably teaching a class or something, and that he probably wouldn't appreciate being hunted.

I also had a nice conversation with Maureen Agbay, who I'd only "met" through emails until now, and I stocked up on my Crystal Colors. Later I met up with Katrina Ryan from Sugarland, whose shop has been featured on the Food Network.

I recently read a blog entry about being disappointed in bloggers whose blogs you like, and the experience of seeing the cranky decorator reminded me of it. Have you ever met someone in person whose work you admire, only to find out that they're not quite what you expected? I kind of found it amusing, rather than disappointing, but I think that I'm past the age where I hero worship most people. Well, other than Cheap Trick, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. But I'd be willing to bet that they'd be as weird  in person as I'd expect (and want) them to be.

Next: Photos of Some Cakes I Was Impressed With.

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