ICES 2011 Part 3-- Shiny

Oh, there was a lot of disco dust at the cake gallery this year at the ICES convention. Since I'm not a huge fan of putting ground-up plastic on cakes I didn't take any pictures of those displays, but even without those there was still plenty of shine.

One of the shiniest was this one by Bob Johnson from Alabama. He had several displays entered, all really tall and ornate. This one was so luster-dusted I had to put it into photoshop to tone down the glare that resulted from my flash hitting it.

The thing that I liked about this one was actually not shine-related, though. I thought that the finish that he had on the flowers was interesting. It looked like they were ceramic, kind of an unglazed Capodimante finish, if you know what I mean. The surface on the flowers was a real contrast to the shine on the bird, so it made it interesting. The flowers were well-done, too, so it had that going for it. Poorly done flowers are sad.

I didn't take any more photos, so I guess I don't like shiny things very much. Or the sheer amount of it scared me.

Tomorrow: More stuff from ICES.

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