ICES Part 4--Gumpaste Flowers

There were some really nice gumpaste flowers on display in the cake room at ICES this year, and there were a lot of cakes that had flowers that were shipped straight from the Phillipines via Gumpaste-Flowers-R-Us.

For future reference, if you put a cake on display, try to make the flowers yourself. Buying them doesn't impress.

So here are a few that had some good flowers on them.

First was Pamela Langston from North Carolina. She had a few things on display, and her flowers were beautiful. There were poinsettias and Irises...


And Callas.

Another person, and I apologize that I forgot to take note of the decorator's name, did some beautiful roses.

Then there were some fantasy flowers that I liked just because the overall cake was cute. This one was made by Holly Whitworth Kelley from Mississippi.

More tomorrow...

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