No, You Can't Cut The Cake, It's All Mine.

I heard this story from another baker who agreed to let me tell it here.

The baker had been asked by the groom, who was a good friend of hers, to make a wedding cake. The bride had a fit when she heard about it and said that she didn't want a wedding cake, she wanted the guests to have the cheesecake that the reception site was going to serve.

After the groom insisted that he wanted something to cut at the reception and a tier to save for the anniversary the bride grudgingly agreed to have a cake, but only on the condition that NONE of the guests be served any of it.

So at the reception they cut the cake, and the bride took a piece over to her table, sat down and ate it in front of everyone while the guests all were served the cheesecake. After a while the venue brought out cookies to put on the cake table, and people went over to get some. They also started cutting the cake, since they didn't seem to understand that the wedding cake was off-limits at the wedding reception.

The baker, who was a guest at the wedding, had been watching the bride with horror as she ate her piece of cake without offering any to anyone else. When people started to cut into the cake on their own she went over and took the top two tiers off so that they wouldn't fall over. People kept coming to cut themselves pieces of the cake.

Finally, one of the bride's friends came over and was looking at the cake. She told the baker that she'd really like to have some because it was her favorite part of the wedding, but the bride had told her that she wasn't allowed to have any. The baker told her that since everyone else had been cutting into it she should go right ahead, so she did.

The baker never figured out why the bride was so against serving the cake. I think it was a temper tantrum rum amok and that the groom had better watch out, because it isn't going to get any better from here!

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