Wedding Insurance

My article about why deposits are non-refundable apparently hit a nerve with a lot of wedding professionals. I got a lot of feedback thanking me for putting the information out there, but it also made me think of something that could benefit the bride who might be in a position of losing deposits.
Wedding insurance.

Yes, it does exist. You can buy insurance that will cover the loss of deposits, and the full cost of wedding expenses, depending on the policy.

As a bride, you hope that nothing will happen to ruin your wedding, but life does happen. For whatever reason you might end up having to cancel or reschedule, and you might lose money that you’ve invested up to that point.

Another thing that could happen, and I’ve seen it happen many times, is a business closing and taking your deposits with it into bankruptcy court. I can think of three cake businesses I’ve seen close without warning just in my area alone. The brides who had paid for their cakes were out of luck, but if they’d had wedding insurance they might have been able to at least get their money back.

So look into getting wedding insurance…For a small investment you can protect yourself against who knows what. Because unfortunately, who knows what does happen every now and then.

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