DIY Pleated Ruffle For A Cake Board

I needed to put a pleated ruffle on a cake board last week, and of course I couldn't find one in a color that would match the fondant ribbons on the cake. So I bought some satin ribbon and made a ruffle. You can do it, too, if you're so inclined.

I have to mention that I'm a lazy sewer and I tend not to pin things ahead of time. If you want to pin the ruffle in place this would go faster on the sewing part, but it will take longer to pin everything in place first.

First, get the ribbon and start feeding it slowly into the sewing machine, stitching about 1/8" from the right edge.

Pick up a section of the ribbon and fold it up toward the presser foot.
This will be the first pleat, so make it about as big as you want all of them to be.

Sew the pleat and fold another section in the same way. Make the edge of the folded section match up to the end of the previous folded section.
Keep doing this along the length of the ribbon until you have a section that's as long as you need.

Here it is!

Attach the bend of the ruffle to the cake board using a straight pin. This will be covered up at the end, so don't worry if it shows.

Pin along the length of the ruffle in different places to keep it from moving. Place the pins in areas that will be covered up by the layers of pleats.

And there you have it...You can find some varieties of ribbon that are already pleated, but if you do it this way you can get the colors and sizes that you need.

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