Fondant Pearls Chart For Borders

Last week I wrote about the method that I use to roll fondant pearls. It's pretty simple, and it can easily be done when you're watching tv and not giving much thought to the process.

The best way to do pearls is to just make a bunch whenever you have some spare time, and save them until you need them. I find that the 8mm ones look the best at the base of tiers, and 6mm ones look the best on the tiers themselves as part of the design.

If you need 8mm pearls for the base of the tiers, you'll need the following amounts for each tier:

5" tier- about 55 pearls
6" tier- 64 pearls
8" tier-84
9" tier-95
10" tier-105
11" tier- 115
12" tier- 126
13" tier- 135
14" tier- 147
16" ter- 168
18" tier- 190

That will give you enough to make it around the tier and have a few extra.

Each 6" silicone pearl mold for 8mm pearls has 20 cavities in it, so you can figure how many lengths you need with some basic math. Have fun, it's a mindless task and gives a good-looking result.

Or if you don't want to do it yourself you can get them from my etsy shop!

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