More Wedding Planner Drama

I heard this story recently and it amused me. It's actually less about wedding planners than about not hiring someone who claims to be a professional but who actually has their head up their own butt.

A baker who works at a retail (non-cake) store said that a coworker was getting married, and she was asked to do the cake. Sure, no problem. But the manager scheduled her to work on the day of the wedding, so there was no way that she was going to be able to deliver the cake.

She was concerned about the cake since it was a bit of a drive to the reception, but the manager announced that she would deliver the cake, because she was also the wedding planner. She also assured that baker that the wedding planner always delivers the cake, so it would be no problem at all.

The baker brought the cake to the planner/manager's house the day before, and it was transported to the wedding the next day. She was a little worried when she started hearing about the wedding and seeing photos, but there were none of the cake at all.

What she found out from another coworker was that the planner/manager ended up delivering a horrible version of the original cake, and she told the bride that the icing had decroded off of the cake so badly she had to take it to a grocery store to have them "re-ice the cake" on the way to the reception.

The baker was rightfully horrified, and after poking around for more information, she figured out that the planner/manager probably did the re-icing herself and was trying to deflect the blame. Considering that no grocery store that anyone knows of will actually ice a cake that you carry in, what else could have happened?

Now, there are several things to point out to brides here.

1. Don't hire someone to be a wedding planner if they're clearly clueless. Planners don't commonly deliver the cake, and they also don't try to re-ice the cake. Watching a few wedding tv shows and buying a clipboard and a walkie talkie doesn't qualify you to be a coordinator.

2. The only people who should touch the cake are the ones who made it and the ones who paid for it.

3. Read #1 again.

When I first heard this story and found out that the manager was also the planner I knew it was a case of faux-planner-itis. To cap it off, the baker reported that after the wedding the planner/manager started telling people that she was going to start decorating wedding cakes now!

I can only imagine the carnage that will soon be unleashed. Awesome!

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