Cake Wrecks Book Tour Cake

I got to do the "official" cake for the Cake Wrecks book tour yesterday, and it was definitely the easiest cake I've ever iced. Not having to smooth anything out really cuts down on the time it takes to ice a cake, let me tell you.

I asked my friends Debby of Sugarbuzz Cakes to help make the figures for it, and she showed up with some very detailed replicas of Cake Wrecks cakes. This is Debby (the one on the left.)

Here's the lovely cake that we did. It was titled "The Crass Menagerie" and featured little animals etc.  from wrecks that had been featured on Cake Wrecks in the past. I also added some random "texturing" techniques, such as the bumpy paper towel = bumpy skin condition technique, and the ever-popular monkey-iced technique.

Here are some other views of it from different angles, so that you can admire all the loveliness and try to figure out what some of the things  are supposed to be. We couldn't figure that out for some of them even though we were the ones who made them.

John and Jen gave a presentation that featured some lovely new Wrecks, and then signed copies of the new book. We were talking to the store manager and he was impressed that people came from so far away to be at the signing, but we weren't surprised. One of my former brides came from Tennessee, so I think that she wins the award for most-distance travelled.

The whole event was a lot of fun, and John and Jen were very nice. We're keeping our fingers crossed that John doesn't contract some weird new disease during this tour like he did during the last one so that they can finish without any hospital detours!

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