Pricing Undercutters Part 1

In every industry there are the discount businesses. They enter the market, advertise their low prices, and take business from the rest of the people who have their prices set at what will allow for more than poverty-level wages for the owners.

When a new cake business (or any other wedding profession, to be fair) opens and undercuts existing businesses’ prices, people get mad. Business owners go crazy on the online forums discussing what they can do to prevent people from undercutting their prices. The undercutters respond by saying that they’re new and don’t feel like they can charge as much as established businesses.

So what can you do to keep people from undercutting your pricing? Honestly, nothing.

If someone in any industry is priced so low that they’re not making a decent profit, one of two things will happen. They’ll eventually wise up and raise their prices, or they’ll get so much business because they’re so cheap that they’ll get burned out and quit. I’ve seen both happen in my area.

I’ve also seen people who have very low prices NOT get business because people tend to be suspicious of the lowest-priced quote that they get. Why are they so low? Probably because they’re not very good, right? That’s the general thought most of the time.

So what can you do to counteract the undercutters? If you have ideas leave a comment. I’ll post my thoughts on Wednesday.

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