Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Tale Of Lloyd-- An Extremely Persistent Cat

I don't know what it is about me, but stray cats seem to be attracted to me. I think it's genetic because I have other family members who have the same affliction. I think it's called "Being A Sucker."

A couple of months ago a cat showed up at our house and wouldn't leave. For some reason he'd decided that he wanted to live at our house, and kept trying to come in. He never made it, but he was persistent.

Being a sucker, I was worried that he was lost and starving, but after a thorough examination it was determined that he was far from starving. He also looked very much like a cat that lived a couple of streets over from us, but my kids kept saying that it wasn't the same one.

I asked around but nobody seemed to recognize him. Then I found out that the neighbor who had the other grey cat from a couple of streets over had recently moved to my street, and that she had TWO grey cats. This one seemed to be the other one.

Turns out his name is Lloyd, and he was just confused about where he was supposed to go. I talked to his owner and she said that she'd kept him inside for a couple of weeks right after she switched houses, but he still hadn't gotten used to his new location. For some reason he had decided that my house looked right, so that's how he ended up here.

Lloyd still shows up here every morning, gets some attention, tries to come in, is denied entry, then he goes about his business. I've taken him home a few times, and he definitely knows where he's supposed to go to get fed, so he's fine.

Now since I have to relate everything that happens to me to a learning experience, I have to ask...Do you have some Lloyd in you? Do you persist in doing things in your business or your life that you know aren't working? Why? Why don't you just go home and get your cat food?

Well, you get the point. So think about it. If you have bad habits or things that you do that you know aren't productive, just stop it. If Lloyd figured it out, you can too.

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Eva said...

I am a sucker for taking orders at times when I shouldn't. I even have crossed out days in my diary and written "BOOK NO ORDERS" on them (usually at some point in the distant past when I had some concept of how busy I would like to be in a certain week in the future), but then some desperado calls me begging for help and I ignore my own threatening diary message from months ago, and book them in!! WTH?? I read on a forum somewhere "Your emergency is not my crisis", or words to that effect. Good advice. I am slowly getting better, but not really. I still have too many orders to fill this month.
By the way - Lloyd is gorgeous! I would have been suckered right in by those beautiful green eyes :-)

Kara said...

Oh, I do the same thing...I have to book vacation weeks a year ahead of time, then hold firm when people call for those dates. I've gotten much better at turning business down for blocked-off dates, though!

Cinthia Gonzalez said...

I know this is an old post, but I just found your blog today, and I wanted to say thank you for the chuckles. I do have some Lloyd in me, now I will always think of this story when repeating something in my life that I shouldn't. I loved the analogy. Hugs from Chile.