Sunday, November 13, 2011

Proofread Your Websites, People!

I was looking at some random cake websites the other day and noticed how horrible some of them are. Photos of cakes on the counter with a dog in the background, photos of cakes sitting on the dirtiest stove you'd ever want to see, you name it.

The thing that gets me the most is when people have typos all over their sites. I can see missing a letter here or there, but you really should check that before you hit "publish."

(I'm a horrible typist, and I'm the first to admit that I have to go back and proofread EVERYTHING I write. I type really fast, and really inaccurately. As an example, in the first sentence in this paragraph I had misspelled three words. But I checked it!)

I commented about these horrible websites on twitter, and Jenniffer from Cup a Dee Cakes commented back about my mention of the term "lemon crud" that I always see on one site. She said that a search for "cake lemon crud" came back with a lot of entries, and that I should blog about it! (Click the link, I did the work for you.)

Please take a look at that list, and if your website is on there, go change the crud to curd. It's far more appetizing.

When I see a typo on someone's site, I always want to email them and tell them about it, but I don't always do it. Depends on if I think you're a jerk or not. No, I mean, it depends on whether I think that you'll be able to take the correction in the spirit it was being helpful, because typos make you look bad to clients.

If I go to someone's website and it's littered with misspellings I don't get a good impression. I might be pickier than most people (I once called a local news station to tell them to change the wording on a weather alert scrolling on the screen from "inclimate" to "inclement.")

I don't think that I'm pickier, though. Check your spelling, and it's never a bad idea to have someone else read through what you've written to make sure that it's right. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes will find things that you missed.

And if you find any typos on anything I've written, please let me know. I want to correct it so that I'm not accused of being a cruddy writer, hahaha!

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Whispers and Wishes said...

Amen! I hate HATE seeing the mistkaes that are so easily corrected, but I'll be honest. I publish before I proof, and then proof a few times over the next couple of days. I, too type very quickly and poorly... so often I simply missing a letter or a space... but yes-- I've made some interesting mistakes before I've proffed it.

Jenniffer said...

Kara, this is great advice (whether I suggested it or not)! I once was selected to do a Quinceanera cake because I was the only one in town that had it spelled correctly on their website. I even use Firefox as my browser because it will spell check as I go (even as I type this)!

SweetThingsTO said...

Oh Kara - I love your posts! So helpful, humorous and not-cruddy writing at all! :-)

Heather Mac said...

I once e-mailed a website for a group of nuns! They had 'honorarium' instead of 'horarium'.

That's pretty nit-picky, but they are two totally different things!

Maybe they were trying subliminal messages to get me to donate :)

Sarah said...

Having proper spelling and grammar on your site shows professionalism. My friends know me as the "grammar police!"