Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Amazingly Overreacting Overreaction

My disclaimer: Most brides are totally normal. Not everyone is, though, and although encountering a bridezilla-type can be frightening at first it can be funny in retrospect. I hope that this amuses you.

Another wedding business owner who I know received a bride's information from the contact form on her website. It was for a New Year's wedding. Since the business owner was going to be out of town, she wrote back to the bride and said this:

I am sorry, but we will be closed on New Years Day and out of town as well.

Perfectly normal, right? So imagine her surprise when the bride wrote back with this response:

First, thank you for emailing me, as now I know who NOT to use in the future. Second and most important, I feel you have made a poor choice by assuming that I needed your business to deliver the day of my wedding. I was perfectly willing to have them delivered a day early OR even to pick them up myself. I really am disappointed in your shop especially since you all claim to be highly rated in Richmond. I can tell you this, I will never use your company.

I have already told others how poor your customer service us. Not only have you lost me as a customer, who was willing to spend at least $500 or more now and who knows how much later for other events, but also you are going to lose my sister, who just got engaged. I'll be sure to tell her to not use your services for her wedding either.

I do so hope you all enjoy your New Years Day off and your trip out of town.

??????? Wow! Who would EVER assume that the bride would want you to deliver the product on the actual day of the wedding! How rude!
So that was bizarre...I told the business owner that she should be happy that she dodged that bullet.
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S. Dendy said...

To brides like that, I ALWAYS say: Please tell your friends. Spread the word. Thank you. (Because I believe that her friends will be like her and those are the people I want to avoid.)

Jenniffer said...

A Long time ago, people liked to e-mail me last minute orders via e-mail. Since I was baking all day, I added an auto-reply to my e-mail that said "Keyboards and Icing Don't Mix - Please call with any last minute orders..." I got a crazy over reactive e-mail from a customer too!

Ultimate Cake said...

Where do they come from? All these entitled gits - let's hope they don't (or haven't already) reproduce.

Kara said...

I'm totally with you on the "tell your friends PLEASE" sentiment!

Miss Lucky Piggy said...

If I was the business owner, I would just ignore customers like her. She has no respect to you, why you have to do the same to her? People planned holidays ahead and do they need to sacrifrice their holiday just for her? Let her spread the rumours, tell your friend not to worry about it, all of her previous customers will know the truth and this email will also clearly let other people know - Who is Who! Tell your friend not to worry about it.

Jamie said...

I agree!! Yes please tell your friends so they won't waste my time either! Good grief.