The Tale Of How Stupid Trolls Can Be When They Think They're Being Clever

Once upon a time, in a land far away (or not so far if you live in New England), there was a baker who made fancy cakes. She put pictures of her cakes on a thing called "the interwebz" and told people about all the beautiful cakes that she had for sale. She put pictures on one part of the interwebz that lots and lots of people liked to use, and other people could also leave comments for her to read.

One day the baker saw that someone she didn't know had left a rude comment about her cakes! She didn't know who this person was, so she went click, click, click with her little mouse to see who had left the annoying remark.

Oh no! It was an interwebz troll!

The troll had put the comment there because the troll's daughter was also a baker, and the troll was jealous!

The baker tried to look at the troll's daughter's interwebz page, but the daughter had blocked the baker from seeing her page. The baker thought that this might mean that the troll's daughter could possibly, maybe know about the comments the troll was making.

So the baker decided to follow some interwebz advice she'd heard, and decided to ignore the troll. That didn't work because the troll kept putting more rude comments up!

Finally, the baker decided to say something to the troll. She told her to please tell her daughter hello!

That must have scared the troll...She deleted all of her comments. The baker was happy thinking that this interwebz stupidity was done.

Uh oh, not yet! The baker got an email from the troll's daughter! The daughter said that she told the troll to stop it, but she also said that "they" didn't need to "let this continue" because it would make both of them look "petty and unprofessional."

The baker was slightly confused since she hadn't done anything but be trolled by a troll, and considering that her clients had told her that the other baker had been trash talking her around their village she was wondering who was being unprofessional.

Suddenly a Fairy Godmother appeared! "I'm here to help you with your troll problem" she told the baker.

"Can you make the troll stop trolling me?" the baker asked hopefully.

"Troll-lol-lol," said the FG. "No, sorry. Some people are just trolls. Just block them from your interwebz pages and chalk it up to having to deal with jerks. That's all I've got."

"Thanks, I guess" said the baker. Then she went to keep making cakes that didn't look like a monkey iced them, which is the best revenge.

How do you deal with trolls? Leave a non-trolling comment below and share your anti-troll strategies.

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