Using Footed Stands On Tiered Cakes

I recently did a cake that was inspired by a photo in a magazine. The original cake had a top tier that was elevated on a silver candy stand.

The problem with doing this kind of thing is that the cake in the magazine was probably styrofoam, so of course you can put that on a footed stand without having it topple over. A real cake has some weight to it, so the idea might not translate very well in reality.

The bride had used epoxy to put a silver dish on top of the candy dish, but the epoxy didn't hold, so I used some of that blue fun-tack stuff to attach the two pieces together. It gave enough of a seal between the two pieces so that the dish wouldn't shift.

I securely dowelled just the center of the tier that would be holding the footed stand, then put a board that was about 3/4" larger than the base of the stand on it.

I used a level to make sure that the board was totally level, so if it fell over it wouldn't be because it wasn't flat. It might be because someone whacked the cake table, but that's unlikely (I hope).

You can see the elevation here to the right of the leaf
I put the board on the dowels and iced over it. That resulted in a slightly elevated center area, but if you wanted to make sure it was totally flat you could sink it into the icing on the cake.

The gumpaste flowers went around the foot of the stand, and the ridge was hardly noticeable unless you were looking for it. By doing it this way it gave the footed dish a secure place to stand.

I'd been trying to think of a way to make sure the base of the stand wasn't the weak link in this setup. By putting icing on the board before placing the stand it created a vacuum that I had trouble breaking when I tried to reposition the stand. I wasn't worried about it tipping over because of that.

The top tier of this cake was 5" in diameter. I think that if I had used anything larger I would have used a larger board under the stand, and I probably would have put some hot glue onto it to make sure it wasn't going anywhere! But since the epoxy didn't work I figured that might not work either.  I didn't want to do something that would give a false sense of security.

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