Friday, December 30, 2011

When The Customer Leaves Out A Few Details

I've been writing about weird letters we've received from clients, and I'd be willing to bet that everyone has received some like these. The client just forgets to add some minor details... I've reproduced these in their entirety, nothing is missing:

"How much is a three-layered cake?"

Will that be three layers or three tiers? for 40 people or 400?

"I need a birthday cake for my husband. How much will that be?"

Depends if you want it just for your husband, or if you're having guests at the party too.

"How much is a boat cake."

Do you want a 3-D pirate ship with working rigging, or a sheet cake with a drawing of a rowboat on it?

"Do you make exotic cakes?"

Do you mean exotic like flavored with tropical fruit, or did you misspell "erotic"?

Then my favorite, which one of my friends received:

"chocolate cake."

That's all that it said...Mysterious!

I think that the most frustrating thing is when I get an email that's missing some pertinent piece of information, like the wedding date. When I write back the client will respond with everything BUT the information I asked for. For some reason it usually takes about ten tries before I can drag it out of them. This seems to happen much more frequently than it should.

What kind of lacking-the-information emails do you get? I know that everyone receives these, it can't just be me!

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Jenniffer said...

Yeah, I get the "How much are your cakes?" e-mails all the time. You wanna know what really gets my goat? People that call me on the road with no clue as to where I'm located! "I know it's 5:50 and we have an appt for 6:00 and we're 2 towns away with no idea where you're at or how to get to you" Yes, I would love to spend the next 30 minutes being your own personal Mapquest / Garmin!

BTW, my hubby ordered a pine cone mold from you for me for Christmas and I love it!!

Kara said...

I'm glad that you like the mold! I know that when he ordered it I thought "uh oh, I hope she likes it since I know who she is!" ;)

Audric Montuno said...

I used to work at a bakery where we carried dozens of kinds cakes plus other baked goods and chocolates.

One night, when we were closed already and cleaning up, a customer knocks on the window to get in. We ask "Do you know what you want?" The customer nods. "Yes!"

We let her in, and then she says: "I'm looking for a dessert..."

Ultimate Cake said...

people can be so scarily stupid sometimes! (well - not just sometimes, but all to often).

We often get the 'how much is a cake?' question, and then when we ask for more details they just stare at us, or say 'I don't know'.

Or the ones get irritated because we're fully booked. Like they come in on Tuesday and ask about a cake. We ask when they need the cake and they say 'Not until this Saturday, so we have plenty of time to decide.' well - when we tell them that we're fully booked on Saturday and they claim that we can't be fully booked because 'it's only Tuesday!'.

have a great day -Mensch

Kara said...

Hey Mensch, good to see you! of course those people are offended that you won't do their cake, though, since it only takes an hour to do one on tv, and you're obviously just being a jerk about it!

Ultimate Cake said...

Yup - I'm just a huge wankin' a-hole, I am!

Jamie said...

How much is a cake? (Doh!)

Sarah said...

I recently had an email exchange with a bride - 21 emails back and forth to get all the information! Whew!