Making Molds For Cake Decorating

Mold making for cake decorating has become a big industry. You can shell out a pretty penny for certain molds, but it's also possible to make your own.

The main thing to watch for when you make molds is to verify that the silicone that you're using is food-safe. If you're shopping at a craft store there are brands that are and brands that aren't, so make sure that you double-check that.

There are some online sources for mold-making materials, being one of the largest that I know of. There's also chef rubber, which also has equipment and sells premade molds, not just the materials.

See, they do look alike!
If you only have one or two small items that you need to make a mold for, you can buy food-safe silicone at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. The brand that they both carry is the Amazing Mold Putty, which is food-safe. To prove this they have a photo on the box of a cute little baby (who looks remarkably like my son did) holding a piece of the putty. So if they'd give it to a baby, it's okay for gumpaste.

Price-wise, the best bet for small amounts of this is to buy it with the 40% off coupon at the craft store. If you want to order large amounts you can get it directly from the Amazing Mold Putty company in bulk on their website.

The Make Your Own Molds site has a discount if you order larger amounts of the silicone, but unless you want more than 4 pounds of it it's not a huge savings.

Or you can go to my etsy shop and order custom molds. That's a lot easier.

On Friday--Making a one-piece mold.

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