The Most Popular Posts From 2011

Okay, last year I did a year-in-review thing, but I'm too lazy to muster that up today. I also have to go play Zelda soon, so I don't have a lot of time to write this.

So I decided to look at what the most popular blog entries were from last year's posts. Interestingly, the most popular ones consistently were just posts that described a cake and put a picture of it up.

But there were two big winners...the first one was the Cake Wrecks book tour post, which is totally understandable seeing that Cake Wrecks is so popular with the cake crowd.

The other big winner was just from last week...It was the letter soliciting free wedding cake and offering the valuable opportunity to advertise in someone's wedding program.

The popularity of those two topics quadrupled and tripled my average daily page views for the days that they were up. Which says one thing to me.

You people are a sick, sick crowd who take a lot of pleasure in wrecky cakes and wrecky weddings. Just sick.

But that's fine, since I also take a great deal of pleasure in those things, and I will therefore be sitting in the "sick" section along with you.

So I hope that everyone has a good year ahead. Keep reading and I'll keep trying to be amusing and somewhat informative. Or informative and somewhat amusing.

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