Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chocolate Mousse Recipes

I think the proper comment would be "Oh...Em...Gee..."
When I wrote about mousse last week it made me want some, so I went in search of chocolate mousse recipes.

I found this cool article that had done the work for me and rated a bunch of different recipes, and then I made the one that they had determined was the best.

The winner was from French Provincial Cooking (Penguin Classics) . (The full recipe is at the bottom of the article if you want to skip the comparisons and go straight to the mousse.)

I made the mousse in about 15 minutes, and it was ready to chill for dinner. The one caveat about real mousse is that it contains uncooked eggs, so if you're nervous about that you could get pasteurized egg whites and try a recipe that doesn't use any yolks.

The benefit of uncooked eggs, however, is that if your husband or other people in your household are nervous about them, there will be more mousse left over for your own eating purposes.

It was delicious, and I'll be making it again. Next time with pasteurized eggs and a no-yolks recipe, per my husband's request.

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Audric Montuno said...

Thanks for looking further into the whole mousse-mystery.

I'm wondering what the exact purpose[s] of including the butter (as per the Williams-Sonoma recipe that I linked to). I've made that version a few times, and I'm thinking that it might be to extend the workable time of the melted chocolate and to make it easier to fold into the egg whites (i.e. perhaps it can cool down further without solidifying as much as just pure chocolate?).

It's definitely something that needs its time to set and preferably a beautifully-stemmed glass to keep it all in place. I can't imagine putting it into the centre of a stacked cake... I'll just stick to whipped ganaches for now.