Geeky Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

If you're a gamer or a geek in general, you might want to incorporate some of your true loves (other than your fiance) in your wedding.

Everyone's seen the Mario cakes, Star Wars cakes, etc...If you want a slightly more subtle touch, you could get a cake topper that refers to your hobbies. People who are in the know will appreciate it, and people who don't know the specifics of your secret shame will find it amusing to have your geekdom outed.

All of the following toppers were handmade by real people, too, so if you get a chance go check out their shops and flickr pages. Thanks to all of the artists for giving me permission to use their photos, as well!

Here's a pair of Portal 2 toppers made from legos... This one was made by Tyler of Legohaulic

If you're more into Zelda (like I am) then you could do something like this topper, which technically isn't correct because Link and Zelda are "just friends," but we'll overlook that due to its cuteness.
Anna Cho of Anna's Crafts made these. She has two etsy shops, one at and one at

To make it a little more personal you can customize the toppers to look like yourselves, the way that Cristina Grassano did with these Star Wars toppers. Check out her flickr page!

Or if comic action is more your style, you could go with these Batman cake toppers. I love the mask on the bride. These were made by Kathy Bocchino, whose etsy shop is found at

And the hardcore Star Trek fan can also have his and her day. This topper proves that Trekkies  find love too...Maybe the Comic Con Convention can be a matchmaking experience if you play it right.

 Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC in Richmond VA, and cake supplies online at and