DIY Cake Dummy Decorating Board

Cake dummies tend to dance around a lot when you're trying to decorate tham. The subject of how to keep them in one place came up on a cake forum last week.

You can buy a special turntable with spikes for decorating dummies , or you can be cheap like I am and make your own.

It also gives you one less thing that you'll have to find storage for, too.

Take a cake drum, a small size is okay.

Drive a couple of nails through it and tape them flat on the bottom of the board.

Impale the dummy on the spikes. Now it will stay in one place while you're trying to decorate it.

Duct tape fixes everything.
Tape the board to the turntable or just leave it on the counter, whichever you prefer.

It's not going anywhere!

Get rid of the nails after the cake is decorated or you might impale yourself by accident later. If you use the board that the cake will be displayed on to decorate it, though, you can just leave it in place if you attach the dummy to the board with epoxy when you do the impaling, then remove the nails from the bottom of the board later.

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