Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lighthouse Cake

This one was fun...a 24" tall lighthouse with an isomalt beacon.

I used chocolate fondant and candy clay to cover it so that it would be stiffer than fondant would be. Since it was being picked up by the client it needed to be able to travel, so the sturdier the better.

The base layer was covered with sand-colored buttercream, then with crumbs to look like sand. Candy rocks, fondant shells and chocolate foliage made up the landscaping. The only part that wasn't edible was the top section with the cover over the beacon.

I gave the client a bag of graham cracker crumbs to finish off the board once she got it where it was going.

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Loving Traditions Cakery LLC said...

It looks great! A goal I have always had to create a 3d light house cake! Can you share with me the sizes of cake; and where you added support; and any other crucial points? Thank you so much for your time.