Sharing Office Space

The issue of where to meet clients for appointments comes up a lot when you work from home.

You could bring them to your house, but then you have to control the environment, including any kids that might also live there. It also doesn't feel as professional to have people at your house, or at least that's my experience.

You could meet clients at a coffee shop, which is actually a pretty good option. Panera and Starbucks are used to having people meet clients and do other work in there, so it wouldn't be unheard of to do that. It does make it difficult to drag all of your stuff with you, though, so you'd need to set up a minimalist system that was portable.

The solution that I found is to share office space with some other home-based businesses. We split the rent, and have a common calendar to schedule that times that we want to use the office to prevent overlap.

If you know of some other people who would be interested in sharing space, it's definitely an option to investigate. You just need to make sure that you won't be trying to use the space all at the same time, because that could cause some issues!

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