Guest Decorator- Tetyana Schroeder

Tetyana Schroeder (she also uses Tanya but I like "Tetyana" so she's stuck with that from me) is a reader who has contributed photos of her cakes to the roundups that I did a couple of times.

She wrote to me about the post I'd done on how to make molds, and sent a photo of some molds that she'd made, so I asked her to send the photos of the completed cake when she made it.

This is a First Communion cake that includes a molded rosary, and I have to say that the rosary came out really well. At first I thought that Tetyana had put a string in the mold and made the beads around it, but after studying it it looks like the string is also molded. That's a lot of really thin gumpaste!

Good work, and I'm glad that I could help point you in the direction of where to buy the mold putty! Thanks for sharing your photo.

If you have a photo of a cake you'd like to share or a how-to that you'd like me to put up here let me know, I'm always glad to put up a guest post!

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