Cake Scams Can Be Fun

I get the cake scam email at least twice a day, and every now and then I go along with it for a while to see how long they'll answer me.

(I know, I know, "never answer a scammer, they'll get your email address." Well, my email address is all over my website, so it isn't really a secret. And I know how to hit "delete," so I'm not worried about getting more scam emails. I don't open attachments, so I won't get a computer virus, so don't worry about me.)

I've written about how this scam works before, but I wanted to post the conversation here because I figured it would be amusing. I was a little surprised at how long they went along with this, but it shows how persistent they are. So go get a snack, settle back and enjoy.

From: Mary Jane
To: ""
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 7:45 PM

This is mary george i have a party this month and so do you have cupcakes also do you accept credit card so if you have cupcakes in chocolate flavor buttercream icing i will be needing this information
How much will 500 cupcakes will cost me ......
your address for the private carrier coming for the pickup .............
and actually, i don't have access to website because am not really good on computers i only bought the computer to for sending out mails and receiving mails only so i will be waiting for the reply.
Hi-- 500 cupcakes would be $1500. when would you need them? The address is

7700 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23225

(just to note...this is actually the address of the state police headquarters, but I didn't tell them that.)

The total cost is okay with me and i have forward your address to the carrier since they don't allow outside catering companies to come inside the venue , i will want you to make all set in place but i will need a favor from and this is a favor i need from you.The favor i want you to do for me due to my condition for now am at the hospital right now.. and i will undergo a surgery due to my condition. That is why i want you to assist me with the private carrier fee because i have not pay the carrier That will come and pick all the orders from your shop .Their credit card machine in faulty for now and we are to send money to there head office via western union and they need payment before they can pick them up from your shop address I would like for you to add $750 plus the total price of the order so that you can have all that charged on my credit card now and you will have the $750 sent to the private carrier agent in cash (via western union money Transfer) as it is the fastest and safest way to receive Money from there Head office via western union so they can get payment and they can come and pick them up at your shop .so i will like to know the type of credit card you want to accept as payment and how much you are going to charge on my credit card and i will like to know if you understand what i mean about the private carrier and i will be glad if you can help me with that.

Hi, Mary Jane,
If their credit card machine is faulty I'd like to suggest that they sign up for a service called square for mobile phones. You can accept credit card payments over it, so you don't need a machine. It would be easy for them to sign up and it might be helpful for accepting payments, since I'm sure they're having trouble if their machine isn't working.
I've never sent a western union payment, how would I do that? Is there a western union office that I should go to? I once saw one but it was when I lived in a different city, so I don't think I can go there to do it, haha! That would be too far because it was in Boston and I live a long way from there now. Have you ever been to Boston? It's a nice city. Where do you live?

i should have done the payment my self but they need the money upfront and this is the western union address near to you 2729 w broad street,#B ,richmond,VA so here is my credit card information and the carrier head office and they are going to pick other item from another locations

Card type...master card
Card number.....(they gave me a number, I'm sure it was fake of course.)
Expired date.....
three digit.....
I will like you to run the card thru while i hold for the approval email me as soon as you charge it now and i want the money to be send after you charge my credit card so the carrier can book for coming for the order

Carrier representative information from head office

Address...342 Washington ave,front royal,
Zip code... 22630
western union code to be scan to me so i can email them so they will able to get their money and they will be able to come for the pick up
Hi-- So I need to go the charge the card at western union, then send you the money? I don't think I understand. If I charge it then send you the money I'd just be sending you your own money, that doesn't make sense. Would you explain this again, I think I'm missing a step.

If I have to drive to Broad street I can't do it until tomorrow because my husband took my car to go get new tires. It had one that was pretty old and when we checked they said that I needed all new ones. So the car is at the shop today but I'll have it back tonight. I could go there tonight to do it if you explain what I need to do again. New tires are pretty expensive, so this cupcake order will help pay for them haha!

The shipper will come to western union to pick the cupcakes up? Should I meet them there on June 2nd? That was when you needed the cupcakes, right?
i already told you that you will charge my card with your machine on all the total cost and take cash out to wetsern union and send to the carrier head office i email you so they can send the representative for the pickup of the order so i will like you to run through my card now with all the cost
Okay, so I should put your card through and then take cash to the western union office to send to the shipper? The problem with that is that I don't have enough cash until you pay me back for the shipping. Can you send me the cash through western union, then when I go there I will send the cash to the shipper for you? That will be easier because I just spent all my money on the new tires so I don't have any cash. I also had to buy a new transmission for the car, so if I don't pay them I can't go to western union anyway because I won't have the car back. Maybe you could send me the payment for the cupcakes in cash to western union too, then I could pay for the car easier.

That would work out great, actually. You send the cash to me for the cupcakes and the shipping, I'll go to western union to pick it up, then I'll pay the shipper when they pick up the cupcakes. Does that sound okay?

Well basically am undergoing surgery in few days also the carrier don't have credit facility u could charge and hold on till the money clears to your account and you can go ahead with the transaction so can you get this done i just need this favor

What kind of surgery are you having? I was going to have surgery on my foot a few years ago but then I got strep throat right before that and they wouldn't do the surgery. I'm kind of glad I didn't have it because everyone who's had the same kind of foot surgery (for bunions) has had complications, I hope that you're not having bunion surgery, oops! hahaha!

I don't need to wait for the payment to clear, I can just put it through. I can get some money from my online account and transfer it to my bank account. I can go to western union tonight if my husband gets back with the new tires on my car!

Scammer: That would be fine i will expect your email

(Okay, so at this point I got tired of this idiot, and I have work to do so I figured I'd put an end to this one. I think they'd keep going if I did, they're very persistent):
Hi-- I hate to tell you this since you've been so patient trying to explain this to me (I get confused with money stuff, it's really confusing sometimes, hahaha!) but my uncle's dog died, and he's really upset. He had him for 23 years, the poor thing was pretty much deaf and blind for the last 3 years, but he was still pretty awesome. You could go use him for a pillow and he wouldn't even move, and even though he kind of smelled really bad he was still a great dog. You could put dishes on his back and stuff and use him for a table to eat, and he would just sit there and didn't even knock the drinking glasses over or anything.
So anyway, I have to arrange Mr. Snuffy's funeral, since my uncle is in no condition to do it. I'm going to be really busy for the next week, so I can't make the cupcakes after all. I'm really sorry.
You might want to email my friend who works at the FBI email fraud office. She does cupcakes in her free time. Her email is

For some reason they didn't respond to me after that. I'm kind of disappointed that my friend gave up on me so easily, but I hope that the referral that I gave them results in them getting what they want/need/deserve.

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