A Wedding Cake With A Surprise Inside

This wedding cake was for a couple who was expecting a baby, so they decided to make the cake cutting more interesting than usual. They had me do a gender reveal cake for one tier, which is the thing to do these days.

(In my day we had no such newfangled thing as a gender reveal cake. We waited until the baby was born and ate rocks and we were happy with it. And we had to walk barefoot in three feet of snow while we were eating the rocks.)

So the second tier from the top was the gender cake, and when they did the cake cutting they were going to see either a pink or blue interior to the vanilla-flavored cake. They had the ultrasound technician send the results of the ultrasound to me, so they didn't know what the answer was either.

Since the gumpaste flowers on the outside were blue, that might have been a hint...or was it? Nah, that was just the color scheme for the wedding.

It was pink, they're having a girl, so congratulations to the happy couple! Thanks for letting me take part in the moment where everyone found out, it was probably the best wedding cake cutting ceremony ever!

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