If This Is How He Proposed, Don't Tell Your Kids

(I'm warning you, this is pretty gross. So don't read it if you don't want to read something gross.)

The proposal has become something that's a bit over-the-top for a lot of people, involving youtube and way too much advanced planning. If you don't have a memorable engagement story it's like there's something lacking in the "story of your love." Not every story that's memorable is something that you WANT to remember, though.

I once knew a girl who was slightly clueless about boundaries. She got engaged to one of our friends, and when we asked about the details of how he proposed, this is what she said:

"We were at his parents house, and they weren't home, so we were having sex. So then he reached into the side table, and I thought he was going to get a condom, but he pulled out the ring and gave it to me instead!"

All with a big smile on her face, like it was the cutest thing he'd ever done.


So we all sat there with horrified looks on our faces, but also trying to act like it was a cute story to be polite, because she really did think it was cute. Their wedding ended up with her running away from him during the reception, screaming "keep him away from me" after he did something to offend her, so it wasn't a good outcome, shall we say.

So just keep in mind, if your engagement story has anything to do with condoms, you might want to ask for a do-over. Make it a situation you can tell your kids about, if you end up having any.

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