Wedding Cakes Don't Have To Be Average

Wedding cakes don't have to be "average," which would probably be three or four tiers, white, with roses, etc. etc.

Feel free to do something different, it's your party.

If you're having a small reception you don't have to forgo a tiered cake. Smaller diameter tiers will give you a two to three-tiered look that definitely says "wedding" but won't leave you with way more cake than you need.

If you don't want a white wedding cake, you don't have to have one. You can get something that has chocolate all over it, in the form of ganache or buttercream. This one was covered in ganache, which is a combination of whipping cream and chocolate, and boy, is it delicious. This bride wanted the rough look of ganache that hadn't been smoothed out, so  both of these cakes are examples of how you also don't have to have smooth icing on your cake!

So don't feel like you're stuck with a typically-sized, white wedding cake if that isn't what you want or need. There are other options that you can have to get a cake that you really want, not something that you think you're "supposed" to have.

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