Applying Shapes To Decorated Cookies

Applying shapes to a decorated cookie is easy, but not necessarily fast. If you want to use a shape that you don't have a cutter for, you can use the cricut or another paper cutter, or you can use your handy exacto knife, which is what I do (anyone want to buy a big paperweight cricut?)

To do these anchor shapes, I cut out a template from cardboard, and had a bunch of white chocolate clay rounds ready. These rounds were a little smaller than the cutter that I was going to use for the cookie itself.

I put the anchor template on some rolled-out red fondant, and used a rolling pin to impress the shape into the fondant.

Using an exacto knife, cut around the shape. I used a #3 piping tip to put the little hole in the top of the anchors. Remove the extra fondant from the work surface.

Using an offset spatula, place the cutout on the prepared circle.

Use the exacto knife to position the shape in the right place, then press it gently into the surface of the chocolate clay round. You can cut off parts of the shape that need to be adjusted if they spread out when you're moving them around.

I added a blue circle under the white one, then stored the chocolate clay shapes in the fridge to wait for the cookies to be ready. As soon as they come out of the oven, put the chocolate discs on the hot cookies. YOU CANNOT MOVE THEM AROUND AFTER YOU PUT THEM DOWN! Make sure that you put them where you want them the first time, because the heat from the cookie will start melting the chocolate immediately.

The heat will melt the chocolate and adhere the design to the cookies. Once you put the shape on, don't touch them until they cool off completely and don't look wet any more. They'll get all melty-looking, but don't worry. Once they cool down they'll look normal and non-shiny.

The cooling could take a long time, though, possibly hours. If you want to speed things up you can put them in the fridge. The only thing to deal with then would be some slight condensation when you remove them from the fridge, so you'll have to let them sit and dry out before bagging them if that happens.

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