Colored Fondant Pearls

When you make fondant pearls it's easy to make the colored ones, but if you want them to have some shine too it gets trickier.

To match a color and get the finished pearl the right shade, you'll need to make it darker than the finished color will be. Pearl dust will lighten the color of the pearls, so you need to take that into account.

black and pearl dusts
These black pearls were for an Etsy client, and she wanted a little shine to them. The problem with that is there's no black luster dust that I can find, so I had to mix some pearl dust with some charcoal black petal dust.

Dusted pearls
This will still lighten the color, though, because it involves putting a light pearl dust on them. What you need to do is add more black after the initial dusting until it gets dark enough. When I first dusted these they were light grey even with the black dust added to the pearl to begin with. It took an extra two additions of more black dust to get them back to a darker color.

Even with the extra black dust, the pearls are going to be lighter than they were originally. They do look like real black pearls, which aren't super dark, but if you want really dark colored pearls you may have to choose to keep them matte instead of dusting them.

If you have a method of dusting pearls and keeping the dark color, please share it!

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