Peacock Birthday Cake

I've had a lot of requests recently for peacock-themed cakes. I did one wedding where the colors were carried throughout the reception decor, and it looked really nice.

However, incorporating peacock feathers into the cake itself can be tricky. I'm not a big fan of those cakes that have a peacock sitting on top and the tail coming down the cake, know the ones I'm talking about? The idea of a bird's butt sitting on the cake isn't too appetizing.

I also don't like to stick real feathers into the cake. Add them to the decorations AROUND the cake, don't stick them INTO the cake.

For this birthday cake I painted the feathers on using colored buttercream for the centers. I did the feathery parts with straight food coloring, then added some gold leaf to the centers to give it a little oomph that wouldn't fade out. Painting them on is a good way to solve the feather-on-the-cake problem, and it doesn't involve any birds squatting on the top tier. Which is always a good thing to avoid.

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