Egg Crate Foam For Everyone!

I posted this photo on facebook this week, and I thought that it was funny because people were more interested in where I got the egg crate foam than in anything else in the photo.

This particular egg crate was made to be used under sleeping bags during camping trips, since it has a stiffer rubberized side on it. I like that because it makes the foam rigid so I can pick pieces of it up and carry it around without having it collapse.

Of course, I couldn't find any more of it when I needed it, so I bought a different style online. You can get egg crate foam in different depths, but I find that 1 1/2-2" is enough. If it's deeper than that it's hard to use because it's too cupped.

I decided that it' so useful, I would add it to my shop. Click here to get yours: Egg crate foam

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